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I know you can identify with Drew Carey, here.


You know what it is like to miss your kid’s first steps.

You know what it is like to be called in for mandatory overtime on their birthday.

And you’ll never forget that time you had to cancel dinner plans with the wife so you could meet with a client. (Nor will she!)

But you love your family so much and you are determined to provide the best for them, no matter the cost.

You Are A Provider

You are up at the crack of dawn. Every. Single. Morning.

You dress the way your boss says you should. You go in and smile like your boss says you should.

You submit innovative ideas for your company on a regular basis and are willing to help any of your coworkers.

You even come back from your lunch break 5 minutes early just because you are that awesome.

And then you wait.

You wait for that next pay raise.

You wait for that next promotion.

You save 10% of every paycheck and wait for retirement.

when your body is failing,

when you have given your all for the ones you’ve loved,

and you finally – finally get to spend time with them…in your wheelchair. (Or walker, or scooter)

Yeah, no. You aren’t going to settle for that, are you?

How Do I Know You So Well?

Because that description above could be talking about myself.

I had huge dreams for my family. We were going to do so many neat things together:

We were going to canoeing.
Rock climbing.
Visit Disney.
Live beside the ocean

canoeing with the wifey

Happiest Place On Earth!

And I had done everything right to prepare for it:

  • I was the model employee.
  • I had my degree.
  • I even worked a job that provided a pension plan (one of the last remaining pension plans in this country).

And all I had to show for my efforts were mounting hospital bills and a crappy, unsafe car to drive my family around in.

And yeah, that’s my car. (We sold the silver one shortly after this picture was taken to pay off some hospital debts)
The only option I could think of was to sign up for more overtime and spend MORE time at work.

It is vicious cycle... One YOU know all too well.

Here's The Key To Your Escape


One day the monotony got to me. And I decided I simply had to escape.


As it turns out, there is only one thing you must know in order to escape from the rat race.


Its’ the same secret that rock stars and billionaires use to amass their wealth.


You ready for it? Here it is:


You must divorce time from money.


You get that?


One sentence.


You see, most of us exchange our time – the most precious thing that we have – for pennies.


Maybe an hour will give us 1,200 pennies ($12) as a pharmacy assistant, or maybe it’s 2,000 pennies ($20) for every hour you spend selling cars at a car lot. Or, if you’ve done really well, maybe you are making 12,000 pennies ($120) settling divorces as a lawyer.


But -- no matter the amount -- we are exchanging our time – time that could be spent with our families… Or Volunteering… Or on our hobbies… time that we ARE NOT GETTING ANY MORE OF – we’re exchanging that for pennies!


The Rockstar and the Billionaire are different.


You see, they understand that secret.


Taylor Swift sells millions (23 million to date) of albums whether she’s sleeping, “Shaking It Off” or basking in the Bahamas.


Michael Jackson has sold more albums since his death than he did during the last 13 years of his life.


Bill Gates makes so much money that he’d lose $133 if he stopped earning long enough to stoop down and pick up a penny. (Heck, I used to work all day just to make $133!)


And it’s not just these famous names who are making money while they sleep.


All across the country, men and women are standing up to their bosses.   And they are not just starting new “jobs” with long hours and pitiful pay like many “small business owners” tend to do.


They are creating assets…. Businesses that run with little to no input and make them money whether they are on the beach or behind their laptop.   Here’s some of the ways that they do it:


  • Invent something, and earn royalties on the invention.
  • Write a major bestseller (Hunger Games, Anyone?)
  • Build a huge downline in that one MLM program that isn’t going to disappear in the next 10 years.
  • Open a business, such as a fast food restaurant or auto shop, and hire other people to run it.
  • Invest in real estate. These are some of the most common ways people successfully divorce their time from money and gain freedom.


But I can already hear your concerns.

  • You don’t have the $300k to go open a restaurant franchise.
  • No one will lend you the money to flip your first house.
  • And you’ve only sold 15 kindle books to date.

(How about your musical talent? No? We can scratch rockstar off the list, too.)

What if there was an easy-to-replicate system

that required about $300 and 60 hours to launch?

Here’s The System

The system is really simple. You only need three things:

  • Traffic (Visitors)
  • Something To Sell
  • Conversions (Sales)

What is so powerful about my method is that I have perfected each of these three areas:

  • I invest a few hundred dollars up front to build a system that brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors every single month.
  • Then, I sell other people’s products on commission: I never touch a product and I never deal with cranky customers.
  • I have tested, tested and tested conversions until I created a super-simple method that delivers the highest conversion in any niche.

Here's Some Proof

Now, if you’re like me you want to see some graphs.

Frankly, this whole thing just seems too ludicrous. (I was there, I know)

I tell you what, I will show you two graphs.

Now, I only have two graphs to show you.

You see, unlike everyone else in this industry who spams the web hundreds of low-quality sites, it is only taken me two sites to exceed six figures in gross income.


Check These Graphs:

Site #1

Site #1

This year, I started transforming my system into a 60 day course for my friends and family to follow.

What Others Say About This Course:


"We have bounced from job to job trying to find that happy medium of scheduling plus salary. It turns out that doesn’t really exist in our situation. We had been keeping an eye on Quinn and his successes (no, I promise we aren’t stalkers) for a while and the week we were going to approach him to try to find exactly what he was doing he announced Cubicle Houdini. His new program has answered all our questions and more. Coming in at the ground level of SEO and Niche Marketing was really overwhelming but definitely a mountain we wanted to climb. Cubicle Houdini gave us the tools we needed to successfully create my husband and I’s first sites. We turned our every-night-Netflix-couple time into dream building with the simple and easy to use 45 minute lessons every night. With my husband and I both completing sites (which we are extremely proud of; by the way), we are currently in the middle of our second set of sites. We are anxiously building towards our dream when both of us can be home full time devoting more to our family---- and Cubicle Houdini being the foundation of how we get there."

Joe and Christine F.

When I joined this course I was making $150-$200 per month. Now its just increased to $400 per month only through Amazon.

Neil R.

Quinn your online school is totally amazing -- it totally rocks -- so professional and top notch! I'm so 'jazzed about this!

John B.

What You Can Expect

This is where most other courses get it wrong. They promise you $10,000 in 60 days.

Or maybe $1 million your first year.


What is embarrassing is that I have purchased those courses.

You know what is weird? It still took me four years.

And it turns out I'm still doing better than most of their customers.
99% of the people who buy into these opportunities never make any consistent money online.


Here's Why Most Online Courses Suck:

Most of these courses are being sold by people who – you guessed it – sell courses for a living.

They don’t actually follow their own methods.

Even if you bought the best courses out there – and there are some excellent ones that cost thousands of dollars – you will be expected to take all of their training and somehow organize it into a successful system by yourself.

That is where I am different.

I’m actually giving you the exact same method I use – the same instructions that I give to my contractors when they are building my business for me.

So, how fast can you expect to see success? I expect my star students to see success in about nine to eighteen months.

(But, let's face it, most of us watch enough Netflix that we will need a full year.)

Do You Have The Patience To Build A Money Tree?

I was sharing my idea for a 60-day course with one of the top Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche.

He’s the guy every guru goes to any time they have something to sell.

And he was honest with me “People don’t want a 60 day course. They want something shorter.”

And he is right.

So, if you’re looking for someone to promise you the moon, that’s not me.

There are plenty of other folks out there who will do that for you.

All I am asking you to do is to set aside 1 hour a day for the next 60 days. That’s all you need to “plant the seed” for you own money tree.

Then, if you want to go chase other money-making ideas, feel free to do so. This one can keep growing without any further effort.

Where Will You Be In 2 Years?

Two years ago I was answering 100 phone calls a day in a dead-end job that paid 18 bucks an hour.

For free-spirited man like myself, it was hell.

Today, as I dictate this letter, I’m watching the ocean waves lap against the beach and feeling the breeze on my face.

I don’t have to work. I want to.

I enjoy adding more websites to my portfolio.

I enjoy teaching people and giving you a better chance than I had.

Are You Ready To Escape?

Here's Your Escape Plan

A 60-day Course: Spend 1 hour a day and build a site that has the potential to make $2,500 per month. (From there you should have the know-how to scale as large as you want.)

Forum Access: In addition to the course, we have a forum, where people can share their successes and struggles. This enables us to help each other along, and it enables me to see where folks struggle the most.

Frequent Updates And Shortcuts: Every month I cut new training, and hold group coaching calls to make sure everyone is getting the most up-to-date training possible in this rapidly changing environment. Plus, since I am building 2-4 sites per month myself, I'm on the cutting edge of what is working the best and  can give you guys access to private case studies that I can't reveal on the blog.

Email Support: Finally, I provide email support to every member. Many people have suggested that I start charging extra for this feature, and maybe I will at some point. But for now, you get one click access to me and my knowledge.

Try It For $1

You see, I know what it is to be burned by an online course.

I have lost hundreds of dollars to folks who promised me a “30-day money back guarantee.”

It sucks.

So what I am doing is a one-dollar, five day trial. (That’s less than the price of a McDonald’s Coffee. )

You have unlimited access to everything: Post in the Facebook group. Send me a question.

Make sure we are a good fit.

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What's Inside:

Module 1: Finding Products To Promote

  • Finding affiliate programs
  • Determining which Affiliate programs have the most potential
  •  How to get approved with the coveted affiliate programs
  •  Step-by-step on Applying for and getting approved with your first affiliate program

Module 2: How To Identify Niches That Are Guaranteed To Generate Consisten Cash

  •  Finding and filling needs = Constant Cash Flow
  •  Identifying which keywords are super easy to “rank” for and most likely to create income.
  •  The keywords you’ll never rank for, no matter how hard you try (I learned this one by trial and error)
  •  Creating a system for generating hundreds of money-generating keywords in a matter of hours (“Find a Need”)

Module 3: On-site SEO and Conversion

  • The Rocket Ship Strategy
  •  The one trick that doubled my CTR rate
  •  The layout that added $3,000 per month to my income
  •  Copy my content creation template
  •  Outsourcing content

Module 4: Off Site SEO

  • Getting backlinks and metrics that makes Google go “oh yeah, I like this site!”
  • Avoiding “penalties”
  • Beating the “Google Sandbox” that delays most SEO folks from making money for several months

Let Me Hold Your Hand Until You Are Successful

  • Active Forum
  • One-click Help
  • Monthly Coaching calls
  • Cutting-edge updates on what works best

Any Questions? Just click the green “help” button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen!

Here Are Some FAQs:

I’m Not Techy. Can I Do This?

My goal was to make this course so easy my Grandma could do it. And while I have yet to convince Grandma to give a try, I do have a few folks who barely knew how to log in to Facebook when they started and they are successfully building sites and getting traffic. Even better, I’m only a click away any time you have a question.

Is The Checkout Safe?

By using Paypal to handle the payment, we are not only using the most secure payment forms online, we are also providing our buyers with an extra layer of protection. If you feel I am a scammer you can dispute the charge with BOTH your credit card AND Paypal. More mediators for you! (Or just email me. I’m pretty easy to get along with!)

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Sorta’. If you really feel like this is a scam, just send me an email, and I’ll give you that $1 back!

Income and Testimonials Disclaimer:

Our membership program is intended to be used as directed, step-by-step, but the typical user of this, and virtually all educational products, does not follow listed instructions; instead they read or skim through the material once without implementing the program or taking the required action.

Reports of specific income amounts and positive results of any kind should therefore be understood as the exception rather than the rule. Some clients who use our course experience no results, and it is entirely possible you will lose money and experience other negative outcomes as a result of the advice contained in our products.

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